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This page discusses the development of the TGV Network in France and the R.E.R. Network in the Île de France region, which has received the name R.E.R. Transilien.

TGV Paris Sud Est
(this article is being prepared) Detailed map of the LGV Paris Sud Est

TGV Atlantique
(this article is being prepared) Detailed map of the LGV Atlantique

LGV Nord-Europe (LN3)
The French infrastructure

This high speed line (HSL) was opened in 1993 and connects the French capital Paris with the French city of Lille (also known as Rijssel in Flemish). Near Lille a junction was constructed so TGV trains can run further north towards Belgium, to connect to the Belgian capital Brussels (in Belgium this line bares the name HSL 1). Also from Lille on, the line continues in the direction of the Channel Tunnel, to connect to the British capital London. On British soil, the HSL connecting Folkstone to London, the Channel Tunnel Rail Connection (CTRL) is currently under construction.
The picture on the right shows the infrastructural specifics of the LGV Nord-Europe. Until today the LGV-Nord Europe is the only multinational HSL in the world.

Connection towards Belgium

As stated above, the LGV Nord-Europe connects to the Belgian rail network. In Belgium high speed lines are also constructed, or still under construction. On Belgian soil four pieces of high speed lines are planned, from which two are completed and the other two are under construction at this moment. The first one connects the LGV-Nord Europe jointless to Brussels. The second line is constructed and opened in 2004 between Leuven (Louvain) and Liège (Luik) in the heart of the country. At this moment a HSL between Liège (Luik) and Aachen (Aix-La-Chapelle / Aken) is currently under construction, as well as the connection to the HSL Zuid in the Netherlands between Antwerp (Anvers / Antwerpen) and the Dutch-Belgian border.
The project in the east between Liège and Aachen is particularly difficult due to the geological aspects of the region. The largest railway tunnel in Belgium is under construction here. A special page on this Tunnel de Soumagne and the LGV Belge in particular is available for further information.
Detailed map of the LGV Nord Europe

TGV Rhône Alpes
(this article is being prepared) Detailed map of the LGV Rhôhe-Alpes and LGV Méditerrannée

TGV Méditerranée
(this article is being prepared) Detailed map of the LGV Rhôhe-Alpes and LGV Méditerrannée

RER Transilien IDF
(this article is being prepared)

Plans for the future
(this article is being prepared) Total detailed map of all High Speed Lines in France with projects for the future in orange

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