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This page gives access to a various collection of high quality railway maps. Thanks to the Inkscape project for their freeware vector graphics software.
Maps created with (

Maps concerning Paris and Île de France
The map on the right is the future network of Métro, R.E.R. and Tramway for the inner Île de France region as it would look like around 2020 (1.3 MB!). The map on the right is the future map of the R.E.R. (Réseau Express Régional) (Île de France), subdivided in RATP and SNCF sections (0.8 MB!).

Maps concerning the High Speed Network in Europe
This map shows the entire high speed network of France, together with the trajectories of the lines that are to be constructed in the near future:

(France map updated version 2.1 August 2006)

Detailed subsections (from left to right LGV Paris Sud Est, LGV Atlantique, LGV Nord Europe and LGV Rhône-Alpes & LGV Méditerrannée:

Detailed subsections concerning Belgium (both recently updated):

Maps concerning the Dutch, Belgian and German Railways
Pincipal rail connections and administrative subdivision of the Netherlands:

Detailed map of the Intercity (IC) Network of the Netherlands on the left, the one of Belgium in the middle, German ICE (High Speed Train) network on the right (new map from August 2006):

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