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On this page you find a fine-tuned selection of the best internet sites concerning public transport. If you know more good public transport websites, or you miss as a webmaster your own site in this table and you think it should be there, please don't hesitate to contact the CR-Corporation at:
Click on the TGV canton logo next to the corresponding website to open it (website opens in a new window).

Navily (French)
Fantastic internet site written by J.C. Pagès concerning the RATP. Practically everything there is to know about public transport in Paris and the Île de France region where the RATP operates, can be found here. The website includes a large assortment of pictures and videos, taken by various passionated people. The CR-Corporation also contributed to a (small) part of this material.

TRAIN DE VIE / Symbioz (French)
Train-de-vie presents a large collection of train imagery, railway maps and train diagrams, largely concentrated on the Île de France region.
The SYMBIOZ section changed ownership to the CR-Corporation, that administrates SYMBIOZ from November 2005 and which has received it's own domain since medio February 2006 (

RATP (multilingual)
The official website of the RATP itself, the Parisian public transport company responsible for métro, R.E.R., bus and tramways in Paris and the Île de France region.

SNCF (multilingual)
The official site of the French National Railway company SNCF (Société Nationale de Chemins de Fer).

NS (Dutch and English)
The official site of the Dutch National Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen).

mTrains (french)
mTrains presents a nice view on the French rolling stock. The site also presents some interesting add-ons for the popular game MS Train Simulator. The site focusses in the first place on the Parisian environments, but contains also various types of multimedia for the French national railway network.

European Railway Server
Contains a very rich collection of imagery on almost every type of train in almost every country in Europe. The site is a collection of images which are taken by enthusiastic individuals who share their pictures to give a nice impression of their national railways to the visitor.

This site provides a stunning collection of high quality detailed railway maps, showing the voltage used (if electrified) and the type of railway (passenger/cargo).

Very well designed website in German, which discusses all principal High Speed Trains and networks in Europe and in lesser detail of those out of Europe. The site contains a wonderful collection of pictures of almost every high speed train and clear maps of the high speed networks in various countries. /

The CR-Corporation bares no responsibility for the material presented on the websites linked to. The CR-Corporation tries to give you a collection of links to sites which present the best material available, but the CR-Corporation cannot control the contents provided. Visiting these sites is fully at your own risk.

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